Contributing To The SN16 Programme

Applications are now closed for this year.

This year SUPERNORMAL is accepting applications for innovative and participatory workshops, activities and performances as part of the programme of experimental arts and music though you may apply with any proposal you think may be of interest.

Note that:

  • Submissions will be considered and selected on the quality and understanding of the context, audience and locale of Supernormal and Braziers Park.
  • Capacity is limited – the larger your party, the harder it will be for us to accommodate you and the less likely you will be to be accepted.
  • Over the weekend, our team are extremely busy. While we can provide support to make your project happen, the more autonomous your proposal the better.
  • The event runs on a limited budget so please bear this in mind in your application.
  • This form is the only way to apply.

Deadline: 31st March 2016.

We will respond directly to successful applications for participatory workshops, activities and performances by 31st April 2016.

Good luck!

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